About Us

Hello! Our names are Jordan and Kathryn Bailey and we are the founders and owners of Niley eSports, LLC. We are both avid video game players and have been playing video games together since we were married in 2014. Our favorite video games are Pokemon, Animal Crossing, and Apex Legends. 

Jordan Bailey comes from a background in Project Management and has been working as a Scrum Master for the Department of Veteran Affairs, serving the Veterans of the United States of America since 2019. Jordan’s favorite video game is Pokemon Trading Card Game Online and he has been playing in online ladders and online tournaments since 2020.

Kathryn Bailey is an Artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and Graphic Design. Her works of art have been displayed in Galleries and Studios in Michigan and New York . She runs an Art Website (www.createdbykathryn.com) and an Instagram account (@createdbykathryn.art) and her favorite video games are Animal Crossing and Apex Legends.

Together we launched Niley eSports LLC to bring a new wave of competitive flair to the PTCGO community. We know that we are new and little known to this community, but we strive to get to know you, to serve you, and to become a trusted and valued brand in this lovely community!

Jordan and Katie